Financial Aid



Effective July 1st, 2018, Zeeland Recreation is honored to offer financial aid to families living within the Zeeland Public School district who are in need of financial assistance. Each child in a family that is approved for the Zeeland Public Schools “Free & Reduced Meal Program” is eligible to receive free registration for two programs of their choice per calendar year! To take advantage of this offer, follow the three (3) steps below!

Steps to Receive Two Free Programs for Your Children Each Year:

  1. Apply for the ZPS “Free & Reduced Meal Program” through the ZPS Food Service Department. Details & Application Here.
  2. When applying, opt in for the “Special Considerations” (re: recreation, athletics) and approve your name being on the list of names we receive from ZPS Food ServiceAll names will remain confidential. If you have already completed steps 1 & 2, your name is already on the list through the current school year. 
  3. To register for your two free programs per child, call or stop in our office and mention that you would like to receive the benefits from the “Free & Reduced Meal Program”. We will then verify your child’s information and enroll your children for free! You can register for these two programs separately, and at any time throughout the year. Being eligible for these discounts does not grant permission for automatic registration if a registration deadline is passed or if a program is full.