Vision and Mission


What Does Zeeland Recreation Do?

Zeeland Recreation offers recreational, leisure, and fitness opportunities, primarily for community members that are adults or in 6th grade and younger.


Why Does Zeeland Recreation Exist?

While partnering with Zeeland Public Schools, Zeeland Recreation exists to promote lifelong learning by serving the needs and enhancing the quality of life for members of our community.


What Does Zeeland Recreation Value?

Zeeland Recreation’s core values are to be…

(1) Eager to serve

(2) Dedicated to excellence

Zeeland Recreation aspires to grow in the following values…

(1) To be receptive to and to seek out constructive feedback from community members and our patrons

(2) To be all-inclusive for all interests and skill levels

(3) To become more diverse both culturally and in the programs we offer


How Will Zeeland Recreation Succeed?

Zeeland Recreation strives to differentiate themselves from the competition by…

(1) Creating an atmosphere that promotes longevity, teamwork, and excellence

(2) Focusing relentlessly on community partnerships

(3) Maintaining fiscal responsibility while offering a wide variety of high quality, low cost programs