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Welcome to Zeeland Recreation Aquatics and thank you for choosing us for your child’s swim lessons! Our program is designed to provide opportunities for children of all ages and abilities in a safe, healthy, fun environment. Our goal is to develop your swimmer’s love for the water and we are committed to making your swimmer’s experience positive. Please call 616-748-3230 if you have questions regarding placement. Information on all information for our swim lessons can be found below. If you have questions, contact our Aquatics Coordinator, Kris Ferry, at 616.748.3229 or kferry@zps.org.  Parents, answers to FAQs can be found here.  To register for a fall and/or winter swimming lesson, click here and enter “swim” into the search box, OR call (616) 748-3230. 

Price: $42, Zeeland Resident | $54, Non-Zeeland Resident



Price: $42, Zeeland Resident | $54, Non-Zeeland Resident

Registration: Opens August 15, 2017




To register for a fall swim lesson, click here and enter “swim” into the search box, OR call (616) 748-3230.

Dates Day Time Parent & Child Preschool Level 1 Level 2 Levels 3-4 Levels 5-6
Sept 11 –

Oct 16

Mon 4:30-5:15pm 600615-01 600620-01 600621-01 600622-01
6:45-7:15pm 600610-01
Sept 13 – Oct 18 Wed 4:30-5:15pm 600615-02 600620-02 600621-02 600622-02
6:45-7:15pm 600610-02
Sept 16 – Oct 21 Sat 8:45-9:00am 600610-03
9:15-10:00am 600615-03 600620-03 600621-03 600622-03 600624-01
10:15-11:00am 600615-04 600620-04 600621-04 600622-04
11:15-12:00pm 600615-05 600620-05 600621-05 600622-05
Oct 23 –  Dec 4

(skip Nov 20)

Mon 4:30-5:15pm 600615-06 600620-06 600621-06 600622-06
6:45-7:15pm 600610-04
Oct 25 –  Dec 6 (skip Nov 22) Wed 4:30-5:15pm 600615-07 600620-07 600621-07 600622-07
6:45-7:15pm 600610-05
Oct 28 –  Dec 9 (skip Nov 25) Sat 8:45-9:00am 600610-06
9:15-10:00am 600615-08 600620-08 600621-08 600622-08 600624-02
10:15-11:00am 600615-09 600620-09 600621-09 600622-09
11:15-12:00pm 600615-10 600620-10 600621-10 600622-10


To register for a winter swim lesson, click here and enter “swim” into the search box, OR call (616) 748-3230.

Dates Day Time Parent & Child Preschool Level 1 Level 2 Levels 3-4 Levels 5-6
Jan 8-Feb 12 Mon 4:30-5:15pm 600615-11 600620-11 600621-11 600622-11
6:45-7:15pm 600610-07
Jan 10-Feb 14 Wed 4:30-5:15pm 600615-12 600620-12 600621-12 600622-12
6:45-7:15pm 600610-08
Jan 6-Feb 10 Sat 8:45-9:00am 600610-09
9:15-10:00am 600615-13 600620-13 600621-13 600622-13 600624-03
10:15-11:00am 600615-14 600620-14 600621-14 600622-14
11:15-12:00pm 600615-15 600620-15 600621-15 600622-15
Feb 19 –  Mar 26 Mon 4:30-5:15pm 600615-16 600620-16 600621-16 600622-16
6:45-7:15pm 600610-10
Feb 21 –  Mar 28 Wed 4:30-5:15pm 600615-17 600620-17 600621-17 600622-17
6:45-7:15pm 600610-11
Feb 17 –  Mar 24 Sat 8:45-9:00am 600610-12
9:15-10:00am 600615-18 600620-18 600621-18 600622-18 600624-04
10:15-11:00am 600615-19 600620-19 600621-19 600622-19
11:15-12:00pm 600615-20 600620-20 600621-20 600622-20



Levels Prerequisites Class Descriptions
Parent-Child No prerequisites.  Children not fully potty trained should wear a swim diaper to class. An opportunity to help your child feel comfortable in and around the water. It also provides readiness for learning to swim by emphasizing safety and fun. The program gives parents information and techniques to help orient their children to the water and to supervise water activities in a safe manner.


No prerequisites.  Children will advance at their own pace through preschool levels 1-3 before advancing to progressive levels 1-6. This is your child’s chance to enter the water without a parent for the first time.  The goal is to promote an appreciation for the water and to help children develop good attitudes and safe practices around the water.  This level will focus on water adjustment including water entry and exit, breath control, buoyancy and basic swimming skills.
Level 1 No prerequisites. Learn basic personal water safety info and elementary aquatic skills, including floating on one’s own without support. If child has mastered the preschool level skills, they should go directly to Level 2 when 6 years of age.
Level 2 Participants should be able to enter the water independently, complete a glide on their front for 2 body lengths and back float for 10 seconds. Swimmers should also be comfortable submerging their face Level 2 marks the beginning of true locomotion skills. Participants will begin working on front and back crawl, as well as the arm action for elementary backstroke.
Level 3 Participants should be able to move into a front float for 10 seconds, roll to back and float for 10 seconds, swim front crawl and back crawl for at least 10 yards. Participants will continue to work on their front and back crawl and add the leg action to the elementary backstroke. The dolphin and scissors kicks will be introduced, as well as treading water and diving from the kneeling position.
Level 4 Swimmers should be able to show stroke proficiency in the front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke.  Participants should be able to swim independently for 25 yards on the their front and back. Develops the participant’s confidence in the strokes learned thus far and improves other aquatic skills.  We will work on endurance and refining strokes.  Participants will add arms to the scissors kick for the sidestroke and start to learn the breaststroke and butterfly.
Level 5 Participants should be able to swim front crawl for 50 yards, elementary backstroke and back crawl for 25 yards, and breaststroke and sidestroke for 15 yards Participants will work on coordination of strokes. They will refine their performance of all the strokes, including front crawl, back crawl, butterfly, breaststroke, elementary backstroke and sidestroke. Flip turns are introduced.
Level 6 Participants should be able to efficiently swim with proper technique 100 yards of front crawl, 50 yards of elementary backstroke and back crawl and 25 yards of breaststroke and sidestroke. Refines the strokes so students swim them with ease, efficiency and power over greater distances. Designed with a focus on fitness swimming and developing lifelong water skills, increasing endurance and preparing individuals for advanced aquatic activities as lifeguard training and swim team.



6 yr olds + |  Mon & Wed | @ Zeeland Recreation Pools | $42, Zeeland Resident | $54, Non-Resident)

This offers a great opportunity for your home-schooled children to fulfill their Physical Education course requirements. Two separate sessions available. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230.

  • Session One: Oct 30 – Nov 15 (Mon & Wed)
  • Session Two: Jan 22 – Feb 7 (Mon & Wed)
  • Session Three: Mar 12 – 28 (Mon & Wed)



Fridays | 9:45-11am | @ Zeeland Recreation Pools | $2 p/person OR $70 six month pass 
A special time in the pool for parents and youngsters to enjoy swimming and play time with friends! Open to children 5 yrs and under when accompanied by a parent. Parents must be in the water and provide supervision for their child. No registration needed… just show up!

  • Oct 6 – Dec 1 (skip Nov 24)
  • Jan 19 – May 25



4 years old + | @ Zeeland Recreation Pools 
Adults and children 4 years of age and older will enjoy personalized swim lessons in a private setting. Lessons are sold in bundles of three, 30-minute lessons. A swim instructor will contact you after registration to arrange times and dates. To register, call (616) 748-3230. 

  • 1v1 Private Lessons: $75 resident | $110 non-resident
  • 2v1 Semi-Private Lessons: $60 p/person (resident) | $95 p/person (non-resident)
  • 3v1 Semi-Private Lessons: $55 p/person (resident) | $80 p/person (non-resident)



Saturdays | Oct 28 – Nov 18 | 10:15-11am | @ Zeeland Recreation Pools | $28, Zeeland Resident | $40 Non-Resident |

For kids 6 yrs old + who are interested in learning about competitive swimming and developing their skills in a non-competitive environment. Emphasis will be placed on becoming more proficient with the four competitive strokes, learning how to properly execute shallow dives, proper starts and turns, as well as becoming familiar with swim practice routines. Participants must have at least level 4 or equivalent ability (see our Swim Lesson Guidelines). No competitive swim experience is necessary. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230.