Zeeland Little League

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Zeeland Little League is a competitive baseball/softball league for boys and girls ages 7-14 years old. To participate, you must live within the Zeeland Little League boundaries (or attend a Zeeland School within our boundaries) and meet age requirements. Contact our youth coordinator, Kelli Koss, with any questions at (616)748-3232 or kkoss@zps.org.



Softball Game Schedules: Majors, AAA, AA+, AA

Softball Standings: Majors, AAA, AA+, AA

Baseball Game Schedules: Juniors | 50/70 (Intermediate) 

Baseball Standings: Juniors | 50/70 (Intermediate)

Baseball Game Schedules: Majors, AAA, AA

Baseball Standings: Majors, AAA, AA



Policy for Finding/Playing Substitutes

LL Sub List

National Little League Rules

Zeeland All-Star Team Selection Process

Zeeland All-Star Head Coach Selection Process

Zeeland All-Star Assistant Coaches Selection Process

Softball Age Chart | Baseball Age Chart (information on what age level your child will play in based on birthdate)


Steps To Follow If An Umpire Is A No-Show



Baseball/Softball Bat Standards



The goal of Zeeland Recreation is to form evenly skilled teams to ensure all kids have a positive and fun experience. To help accomplish that in our Little League program, we have the following team selection process:

  • Step 1: A “skill rating” for each participant is assembled via two ways. (1) A rating given to each player by their coach from the previous Little League season (if they participated). (2) A “Showcase” in March for all participants prior to the selection of teams. This is not a tryout (and every participant will be placed on a team). The purpose of this “Showcase” is to ensure we form evenly skilled teams so all participants have a positive experience. The “Showcase” is skill workout that takes place while coaches watch and give each player an approximate skill rating (scale of 1-10). All ratings from the “Showcase” are then averaged out, and each player is given one final “skill rating”. This rating number is used to help coaches have a gauge for the approximate current skill level of each participant as we attempt to draft evenly skilled teams.
  • Step 2: All volunteer coaches hold a “draft” to select evenly skilled teams
  • Step 3: After teams are finalized, coaches then reach out to each participant to inform them of which team they are on, practice schedules, game schedules, etc. Practice typically begin after spring break. Games typically begin in late April and run through July.




We often get asked whether you should sign up your child for “Recreation” or “Little League” baseball/softball. The biggest area that causes parents confusion is the fact that 7-9 years olds can choose to either register for “Recreation” baseball/softball, or “Little League” baseball/softball. To help with your decision, listed below are the differences between Little League and Recreation baseball/softball:

Age Level:

  • Little League: 7-14 yr olds
  • Recreation: K – 4th Graders (5-9 yr olds)


  • Little League: $65-$75 (depending on age level)
  • Recreation: $30


  • Little League: Early April – late June
  • Recreation: Early May – late June


  • Little League: Several practice/games per week, including Saturdays
  • Recreation: 1-2 practices/games per week


  • Little League: Good fit for kids who have at least some previous experience
  • Recreation: Great introduction to baseball/softball with less of a time commitment