SUMMER DANCE – Sign Up deadline is June 2nd

Summer Dance Schedule

Summer Session Dates:  Monday June 25 – Thursday Aug 3rd (No class July 4th)

Our dance classes expand through many different genres, including tap, hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, pointe, and more! Full descriptions of all of our dance classes can be viewed by scrolling further down this page. To register for a summer dance class, click here and enter the name of the dance class you want to register for.


Recital Information

The 2019 recital will be held June 10th – 15th, more information to come.



3-6 yr olds | June 29 & July 20 | @ Zeeland Recreation, Studio A 

Need a break from the summer heat? Come join Elsa, Anna, and the whole gang as we dance our way through class “In Summer”! Using props, dance terms and fun, join us as we “Let It Go”! Craft and snack will be provided. Costumes are encouraged but not necessary. Times listed below. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230.

  • 3-4 yr olds: 9am – 10:15am ($18, Zeeland Resident | $30, Non-Resident)
  • 5-6 yr olds: 10:30am – 12pm ($23, Zeeland Resident | $35, Non-Resident)



3-6 yr olds | July 6 & 27 | @ Zeeland Recreation, Studio A 
What can we say except come join us! Explore dance with Moana and Maui as we dance our way across the ocean to restore the heart of TeFiti. Using fun dance terminology that kids of all ages and levels can understand, Moana’s Dance Adventure is something you don’t want to miss! Craft and snack will be provided. Costumes are encouraged but not necessary. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230. Registration closes on June 30, 2018. 

  • 3-4 yr olds: 9am – 10:15am ($18, Zeeland Resident | $30, Non-Resident)
  • 5-6 yr olds: 10:30am – 12pm ($23, Zeeland Resident | $35, Non-Resident)



3-6 yr olds | July 13 & August 3 | @ Zeeland Recreation, Studio A
Don’t just walk the plank, dance to it! Kids will enjoy stepping in to the world of a pirate for a day, leaping and traveling around the world, learning the pirate’s dance code through fun music and terminology. Craft and snack will be provided. Costumes are encouraged, but not necessary. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230. Registration will close on July 6. 

  • 3-4 yr olds: 9am – 10:15am ($18, Zeeland Resident | $30, Non-Resident)
  • 5-6 yr olds: 10:30am – 12pm ($23, Zeeland Resident | $35, Non-Resident)



4th-12th graders | July 9-12 & July 16-19 | @ Zeeland Recreation | $180 Full Day OR $90 Half Day, Zeeland Resident | $192 Full Day OR $102 Half Day, Non-Resident
This two week dance camp is for dancers with at least 2-3 years of experience with a strong desire to improve dance technique and artistry. Students will learn choreography from multiple genres including ballet (pointe), jazz, tap, and contemporary. Dancers will receive daily instruct in dance history and vocabulary and explore electives. Students must bring their own sack lunch. Daily schedule is below. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230.

  • 8am-9:30am: Ballet
  • 9:30am-10:45am: Jazz
  • 10:45am-11:15am: Elective
  • 11:15am-11:45am: Lunch (morning only participants leave here)
  • 11:45am-12:30pm: Tap
  • 12:30pm-1:15pm: Improvisation & Composition
  • 1:15pm-2pm: Modern & Contemporary





Our dance classes expand through many different genres, including tap, hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, pointe, and more! Full descriptions of all of our dance classes can be viewed by scrolling further down this page. Registration will open in August, 2018. 



August 15, 2018 | @ Cityside Middle School Chix Coop | 4:30 – 7:00pm  

Kicks Dancewear is pleased to be a part of the Zeeland Recreation Dance program!  Kicks has been the Zeeland High School Dance program’s official dance supplier for over 19 years, not only supplying them with quality dancewear at great prices, but also sponsoring several scholarship students every year! Come to the sale; get fit and all your items will be delivered right to your dance class! Kicks will be offering a 20% discount off shoes and clothing. Stop in, get fit, and get a great deal. We look forward to seeing you!   Dress and Shoe Requirements



Zeeland Recreation offers a wide variety of dance classes for all ages and levels of experience. Our dance students receive personalized and professional teaching from the finest, most committed dance instructors in the area. Come and enjoy our friendly and welcoming environment while gaining knowledge and appreciation for the most beautiful and athletic of the performing arts! Dress and Shoe Requirements



Following are course descriptions for our dance classes. Please use this information as a guideline when determining the appropriate class for your child. Placement in all dance classes is determined by the instructor. Experienced students who are new to Zeeland Recreation’s dance program should enroll in a “Dance Fundamentals” class for evaluation to determine placement in upper level classes. Or, for a minimal fee, students may schedule a private evaluation. Private evaluations will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact Corrie McKiernan, Leisure Programs Coordinator, at 616-748-3240 or to make an appointment. Students continuing study from the past year should sign up for the class recommended by the instructor. (Dancers, if you took classes during the previous school year and did not receive a placement letter for the upcoming school year, please contact Corrie McKiernan, Leisure Programs Coordinator, at 616-748-3240 or The Zeeland Recreation Dance program concludes with a year-end recital. At least one full year of dance is required for dancers wishing to perform in the spring dance recitals. Dancers must enroll in both the fall and winter semesters to be able to perform with the Zeeland Recreation Dance Program. Costumes will be ordered in the fall, and those wishing to perform should plan on an additional performance fee per piece. Please note: “Secondary” classes may learn two pieces.)  Students are not required, but encouraged to perform.



These classes are designed for beginning students, students with less than one full year (two semesters: fall and winter) of consecutive dance training, dancers whose most recent training was more than a year ago, or for those recommended by instructors. Dance fundamentals classes are also excellent for experienced dancers wishing to strengthen basic technique by taking an extra class. Dancers should enroll based on their grade during the 2017-18 school year. Dancer must be 3 yrs. old by start of class and potty trained.

  • Classes: Dance Fundamentals (3 yr olds – 6th Graders) | Tap Fundamentals (young 5’s – 3rd Graders)



These classes require at least one full year (three semesters: fall, winter, spring) of recent consecutive experience and permission of instructor. Classes focus on pre-ballet and beginning ballet technique with use of creative movement.

  • Classes: Pre-Primary I | Pre-Primary II | Pre-Primary III



These classes are designed for advanced beginning elementary and early middle school aged students with at least two full years of recent consecutive experience. Exact placement is determined by the instructor. Classes focus on building a strong base of ballet technique with some use of creative movement at the lower levels and some introduction to jazz at the higher levels. Permission is required.

  • Classes: Primary I | Primary II | Primary III | Primary IV | Primary V



These classes are designed for intermediate level upper elementary, middle school, and high school dancers, with exact placement in levels I-VIII determined by the instructor. Level I-V classes are combined ballet and jazz. Level VI-VIII classes will be combined contemporary and jazz. Dancers in levels VI-VIII are asked to enroll in at least one “Ballet Technique” class in order to maintain a strong ballet foundation which these higher level classes will build on. Permission is required.

  • Classes: Sec IA | Sec IB | Sec III | Sec VIA | Sec VIB | Sec VIIA | Sec VIIB | Sec VIII | Sec IX | Sec X



These classes are designed for experienced students entering 3rd grade and up seeking an additional weekly class with a ballet focus.  Some experience in ballet is recommended. Placement in level I-V is by recommendation of the instructor. Please allow for adjustments in placement to be made in the first few weeks as needed. Experienced dancers new to the Zeeland Recreation Dance program must sign up for “Technique I” class in order to be evaluated for proper placement. “Ballet Tech V” dancers must dual enroll with “Ballet Tech III” or “Ballet Tech IV”.

Ballet Tech I          Ballet Tech II          Ballet Tech III          Ballet Tech IV          Ballet Tech V



These classes are by permission only. Dancers must enroll in two of the three following classes: “Ballet Tech III”, “Ballet Tech IV”, or “Ballet Tech V” in order to enroll.

  • Classes: Pointe I | Pointe II | Pointe III



These classes are offered a la carte for students in 6th-12th grade.  First year hip hop dancers or those new to the Zeeland Recreation Dance program, should sign up for Hip Hop I, allowing for adjustment in placement.  Enrollment in Hip Hop II and III/IV is by permission only.  Students are encouraged, but not required, to be enrolled in a “Dance Fundamentals” class, “Primary” class, or “Secondary” class, as well.

Classes: Hip Hop I | Hip Hop II | Hip Hop III/IV



These classes are offered a la carte, although it is highly recommended that students take an additional technique class to develop a well-rounded foundation of dance training. Placement is by permission only and determined by the instructor.

  • Classes: Tap I | Tap II/III | Tap IV/V | Tap VI | Tap VII | Tap VIII | Tap X



This class is designed for the dancer looking for introduction to the fundamentals of jazz and tap dance.  It’s also a great course for students looking to strengthen fundamental technique elements in these disciplines.



Learn More About ZYDC Here

The Zeeland Youth Dance Company is an auditioned ensemble for 5th-12th graders that provide opportunities for experienced dancers to learn and perform choreography throughout the community. ZYDC members show a strong love of dance, and a passion for sharing dance with others. ZYDC produces several performances annually amd also performs in various community events such as parades and the Grand Rapids Art Festival. To become a part of ZYDC, dancers go through an audition process to become a part of the company, and rehearse weekly in addition to participating in required technique classes. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230.




Rachel Plaggemars, Instructor


Rachel earned her BA in dance performance and choreography with an emphasis in education from Hope College. While at Hope, she performed extensively, the highlight being two seasons touring with Strike Time Dance Company, an ensemble aimed at educating K-5th grade students about the art of dance. She is now in her 15th year of teaching at Zeeland Recreation. She has enjoyed expanding an offering of high quality pre-school and introductory courses into a comprehensive program that includes advanced beginning and intermediate classes. Ms. Plaggemars emphasizes on ballet training as a foundation for well-rounded dancers and has loved watching her students grow technically and artistically through the program.


Cydney Sheneman, Instructor


Cydney graduated from Hope College with her BA in dance and religion education. While at Hope, Cydney was involved in the Sacred Dance Ministry, Sigma Omicron, and a winner of the Florence Cavanaugh award. She has choreographed for, and performed in various student dance concerts at Hope, and has also presented choreography at Hope’s Veritas Forum. Cydney has been teaching at Zeeland Recreation for eight years, and is involved in the Zeeland High School Dance Program. Over the years, she has enjoyed watching her students grow in technique, stage presence, and artistry. Cydney enjoys helping students to not only learn a variety of dance genres and styles, but to also create their own works of movement art.


Sarah Milburn, Instructor


Sarah graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Entrepreneurship and Dance, where she learned about and danced with a lyrical, contemporary and modern influence. This is Sarah’s 6th year at Zeeland Recreation, and has a deep desire to share her knowledge and love for dance with those who have a passion to pursue the art form.