Adult Outdoor Programs



June 19 & 21 | 7 – 8pm | @ Zeeland East Wetlands Pavilion | $10, Zeeland Resident | $22, Non-Resident | Instructor: Jennifer Soukhome, ZPS Science Teacher

Participants will learn about the edible, poisonous and medicinal plants at the wetlands. Bird species will be explored during each session. Bring your own binoculars if desired. A smart phone with the “Merlin Bird ID” app is optional. If inclement weather, this program will be canceled. Directions to Zeeland East Wetlands Pavilion: Park in the Varsity baseball and softball fields parking lot off of 96th Ave just south of the corner of Riley St and 96th Ave. The Zeeland East wetlands pavilion is located at the southwest corner of the soccer field nearest that parking lot. To register, click here or call at (616) 748-3230.



Saturdays | 10:30am | Meet @ Zeeland Recreation | $48 (Zeeland Resident) | $60 (Non-Resident) | Instructor: Julie Lamer 

Running is a great way to get fit and feel better! Are you ready? Let’s go! In this nine-week training program, you will be training three times per week (twice at home, once as a group). All training runs are with with Julie Lamer, certified group fitness trainer with over 25 years of running experience. This program will focus on gradually increasing the time and distance you run, without overemphasizing your speed. The training session will conclude with the group running together in a 5k race (details below). Group training sessions will vary in length, while home sessions should take 20-30 minutes. Program fee includes training sessions, a 10-visit adult fitness punch card, and the race registration fee. To register, click here or call (616)748-3230. 

  • Hearts in Motion 5K: Training is from Feb 17-Apr 14 | 5K Race on April 19 at 6:30pm
  • Zeeland Zoom 5K: Training is from Apr 28-June 23 | 5K Race on June 19 at 7pm